Dr. Anirudh Chirania

Rehab and Physical Medicine Specialist
+ Years Experience

Educational Qualifications

  • MBBS (IPGME&R Kolkata)(2004 – 2010)
  • DNB (PMR) at Sambhunath Pandit Hospital, Kolkata (2012-2015)
  • Certificate course in management of Diabetes at Medvarsity (2013-2014)
  • FIPM (fellowship in pain management) at Daradia Pain clinic,Kolkata in 2014
  • USG Training at Health Care Diagnostic Centre (May 2015 - October 2015)

Work experience

  1. Consultant physiatrist APOKOS(Joint venture between Apollo Hospitals India and KOS Italy ) Rehabilation Hospital Hyderabad (2016 –present)
  • Assessment of patients and setting of rehabilitation goals (short , medium and long term )keeping family members of patients in loop and planning individualized rehabilitation program with communication to primary consultants in the form of care plan.
  • Management of comorbidities , prevention and management of complications like UTI, RTI,DVT,Pressure sores ,dyselectrolytemia ,sleep disorders.Patient and care giver education.
  •  Regular review of the status of ongoing rehabilitation program with emphasis on functional independence and modification of goals depending on milestones achieved and factors delaying them.
  •  Played active role in developing APOKOS into one of the leading inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in
  • Telangana and Andhra Pradesh .Built a team of rehab professional from7 therapists to about 25 therapists.
  • Leading a team of about 25 therapists (physiotherapists ,occupational therapists , speech and swallow therapists , respiratory therapists , psychologist ) ,nurses ,doctor ,nutritionist in providing comprehensive rehabilitation for stroke ,traumatic brain injury ,spinal cord injury ,neurodegenerative disorders ,cardiopulmonary conditions,rheumatological diseases ,developmental disorders using updated medical knowledge ,technology and first of its kind robotic equipments (ERIGO ,ARMEO POWER, EKSO,BALANCE MASTER ).
  • Diagnosis and management of pain conditions with medications , modalities ,orthosis ,physical therapy and interventions (like suprascapular nerve block ,median nerve block ,intercostals nerve block ,adhesive capsulitis,tennis and golfers elbow ,Prolotherapy for knee Osteoarthritis etc.)
  • Developed guidelines for rehabilitation of different disabilities and disorders .
  • Active participation in developing good practices and improving the quality of nursing care and operations in inpatient rehabilitation setup.
  • Planning and implementation of various OPD packages for ambulatory patients
  • Starting Post COVID rehabilitation program in the covid pandemic.
  1. Senior Registrar( PM&R) Kothari Medical Centre ( 8/15- 6/16)
  • Developed department of Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Regular review ,planning and monitoring of progress of neurological inpatients 


  1.  DNB-Thesis on ‘Role of Stellate ganglion block in managing CRPS in stroke patients
  2.  Study to assess the role of peripheral exercise in rehabilitation of C.O.P.D patients Chirania Anirudh1, Biswas M M2, Saha Jayanta3, Sen M4, Pramanik R IJPMR 2013 Jan; Volume 24 (Supplement),IAPMRCON 2013.
  3.   Study to compare the result of different exercise regimens in COPD Rehabilitation
  4. Assessment of joint function in adhesive capsulitis of shoulder before & after rehabilitation. Singh Yesh Veer, Sen M, Biswas M.M., Saha Jayant, Chirania Anirudh ; Abstract on ‘’Conservative management of a neglected case of Post-Polio Residual Paralysis’’ ; IJPMR, Vol.;24,Supple Jan.2013:S18.


Anirudh Chirania

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